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Mediation Services

My central focus at Expanding Horizons is on helping people achieve wellness. When we are engaged in any type of discourse or disagreement, a portion of our selves is off. Simply put, being angry or dealing with an unresolved issue does not feel good! For this reason, I have taken mediation training and decided to add mediation services to my practice. Regardless of the dispute, I want all parties to come to some sort of a resolution that allows them to move on. I focus on the wellness of all parties immediately involved in and impacted by each dispute. Most often this involves children.

I am not a lawyer. However, my expertise in communication helps couples, families, and friends work toward an understanding and agreement. Do you want to come to a quick and reasonable resolution to a problem? Do you want to move on with your life and put something in the past? Do you think you can reach a civil agreement with another person? Do you want to avoid lawyers until you have an agreement worked out? Have you attempted discussing something on your own only to have strong emotions get in the way of the process? If you are sick of being consumed by the negativity that comes along with discourse and would like to try working through a dispute with another person, mediation may be a great avenue for you.