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Developing a Deeper Connection with Your Teen

Some changes take place between childhood and adolescence. So in essence we’re just changing the family dance. Our teenagers develop more autonomy and pull away from being so family focus. And their peer relationships become so central in their life. So it’s just a shift with the family and everyone is working to readjust to this new family dance. —Dr. Courtney Conley

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When I think of wellness it’s hard to narrow it down to just five. So the five that I focus on are the ones that I think can make the most significant impact in your life in many different areas. —Dr. Courtney Conley


Connecting with your kids through social media.

Connect with your teenagers, build a stronger relationship and most importantly to kind of get the insight scoop of what they are doing online.
Listening to understand instead of listening to respond. Connecting with them via social media. —Dr. Courtney Conley

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Easy And Fun Ways To Monitor kids Social Media

I think there are powerful ways that we can utilize to strengthen our relationship with our kids because the fact is they exist. So there are ways that we can leverage it and use it to our favor so that we can gain access to their online world. And also develop a connection with our kids through social media. —Dr. Courtney Conley

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Social media are here to stay so we can fight it or learn how to leverage it. So if you take an active interest in what your kids are doing on social media you can learn to gain access to their online world and join in on that. —Dr. Courtney Conley

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“If you’re of any kind of entrepreneurial space or different workspace you must have to stay informed and connected. And more encouraged to have this online presents.” — Dr. Courtney Conley, an adolescent therapist, and author who holds a doctor and counselor education.


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