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Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is a powerful tool when you want to work on personal goals. My goal as a counselor is to identify and build on your strengths. I want to help you define your goals, examine your strengths and resources, and figure out what’s holding you back from moving forward in a positive direction. I want you to develop the internal tools and resources to handle current and future challenges. Life requires us to continually navigate the many ups and downs we experience. My approach to equipping you with lifelong tools helps promote your ability to gracefully navigate life’s challenges long after the therapeutic relationship has ended.


Navigating Life Transitions

Sometimes you just feel “stuck” in life and feel “off”. Maybe you’ve experienced a major move, family reorganization, religious shift, or job change. Life transitions can be exciting but can also produce a lot of stress and strain on relationships. The stress from a life transition can turn into excessive worry, lack of sleep, changes in appetite, stress and irritability, or make us feel not quite ourselves. When this occurs, therapy can be helpful in navigating these challenges to help generate a positive outcome.



You have the internal tools to create the life you want. Our view of and reaction to life events are greatly shaped by the way we think. We can be our own worst enemy through negative thinking and listening to our inner critic. Learn to change that inner critic into a voice of self-compassion and encouragement. Negative self-image, low self-esteem, and high self-doubt can be transformed into empowerment by shifting our thoughts and views. I work with clients to become empowered, by first connecting with themselves, validating their wants and needs, and helping them learn how to be strong advocates for their dreams.