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Dr. Courtney Conley

Dr. Conley served as the keynote speaker for the Calvert County Public Schools Mental Health Resource Fair. In just an hour, she was able to keep her audience engaged and teach practical strategies that could be immediately utilized and applied not only to parent-child relationships but for students and staff.

It is clear that she has a heart for young people. She presented herself in a professional manner but also shared in a personal and humanistic way.

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I'm Dr. Courtney Conley...

I am an author, licensed counselor, educator, and coach.

During my 8 years working as a school counselor, I quickly realized that in order to help kids I also needed to support their parents. I empower parents to help their struggling teens by providing them with support, strategies, and simple skills that I know work.

I equip adolescents with the tools they need to successfully and authentically navigate their teenage years. I break spiritual concepts down and make them relatable to today’s youth to expand their thinking, raise their awareness, and help them challenge their beliefs and messages they receive from society.


You’re a Loving Parent Who Has Tried Endlessly
to Support Your Teen.

You are worried about your child and would do anything to see them happy. But you are starting to feel worn out and defeated as you continue to watch your child suffer. You’ve tried everything that you can think of. So what’s next? You can’t just throw your arms up and admit defeat when it comes to your child.

The fact is… there are just some things you can’t do alone or without the RIGHT help. I stress the right help because working with teens and parents of teens is vastly different from other age groups. Teens are at a unique and complicated stage of development! It takes a whole different approach to reach them.

I have spent over 13 years absorbing what teenagers have shared with me when it comes to their struggles and challenges. I developed my approach to supporting parents and working with teens by listening, absorbing, and then using that insight to respond in a meaningful and impactful way. They thought they were learning from me when in reality, I was learning from them!

That's Why I Dedicated My Book to the Young People
I Have Been Blessed to Work With.

“For all the adolescents who have let me into their lives and allowed me to accompany them on their journey to healing. Without you, I would never have been able to gain insight and awareness into the teenage world. Thank you for teaching me how to support you.”

As a parent, you are impacted by your child’s wellness. You feel with them and your heart breaks when theirs does. I partner with parents to provide support and strategies so you can help your struggling teen without going insane. I believe the way out of depression and emotional turmoil is through connection and that parents can play a powerful role in their child’s healing. Whether I am working directly with teens, their parents, and school staff, or educating future counselors, the well-being of adolescents is at the heart of my work.

Here's My Why and How I Can Help You

As Counselor and Therapist

I decided to become a counselor to help kids. I consider it a privilege when people invite me into their lives and allow me to journey with them during difficult times. While I am always far more interested in listening to the story of others, I’d love to introduce myself and give you a glimpse into why I am so passionate about helping teens and their parents.

My driving force has always been the internal suffering I experienced throughout my life. At the heart of this work is the desire to help adolescents avoid the sea of negative emotions that consumed me as a teenager and impacted me well into adulthood. I consider myself a wounded healer. I understand on the deepest level what it’s like to struggle with depression and all the far-reaching implications that result. I have dedicated my career to supporting adolescents both directly and indirectly.

I have been working with youth since 2007. Through my years of service as a school counselor and therapist it became clear to me that the struggles that many young people face start at the core. Yet we try to put band-aids on the surface. We teach self-esteem techniques but not self-acceptance and self-love that starts at the core.

My mission is to equip adolescents with the inner tools needed to successfully and authentically navigate their teenage years. I developed my approach after seeing so many teens struggle with depression, anxiety, and a lack of confidence. My work combines the power of connection with spiritual concepts to help today’s youth expand their thinking, raise their awareness, and challenge their negative beliefs.

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You’ll get inspiring messages, strategies & tips for supporting your whole family’s wellness, access to live training, webinars, & book readings, and fun surprises & a loving community…after all, raising kids is not for the faint of heart!

I promise to make the most of our communication and not overwhelm you with useless content or spam!

Fun Facts

  • I love to read nonfiction and personal development books. Some of my favorite authors are Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, and Mike Dooley
  • I don’t watch TV which means I am about the only person on earth that hasn’t seen Game of Thrones.
  • I love Fleetwood Mac and Jay Z equally. I listen to all kinds of music that reminds me of different time periods and special people in my life.
  • My sister and I have matching tattoos.
  • I love to cook and bake. In fact, I think that’s how I won my amazing husband over ; )
  • I love to travel.
  • I love both raw and steamed oysters…not fried though!
  • I am originally from a town of about 500 people.
  • I think family is everything and consider my siblings to be my best friends.
  • I have two amazing children that force me to practice the parenting skills I teach on a daily basis. And did I mention my amazing husband?